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Due to the tightening of the emission regulations, turbocharged vehicles are gradually increasing in accordance with the fuel-saving, small engine displacement, and emission restricting. AMAKER has extensive experience in the field of auto repair and maintenance thus we could keenly anticipate the future development trend of the auto industry.  We also invest a great amount in purchasing advanced production equipment, building a professional service team, and establishing the performance turbo brand "AMAKER". Integrate the key components of upstream and downstream, with rich experience in components and warranty, research exclusive technology and improve the turbo design.

In addition, in the field of performance vehicles, we cooperate and sponsor our partners in building their vehicles.  We are able to obtain those feedbacks and experiences of the tuning tests, which are transformed into the performance and design of turbocharger as well as improvement of the production line optimization.  That is why that our product design truly close to the user's experience and needs.


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